Panama’s First Online Bookstore Seeks French Cuisine Chef To Help With Children Causes

Press Release

For Immediate Release 

August 20th, 2011

Contact:  Antonio Katemi

Phone:  507.399.7168

Email :

Panama’s First Online Bookstore seeks French Cuisine Chef To Help With Children Causes


  Internet expert with one of Panama’s premier technology companies Antonio Katemi confirmed French Chef Tania Batalla who joined Global Clic Marketing  to promote the “recipe of the week” strategy, is ready to bring 30 minute cooking to the net.  She will be  creating beautifully plates  that come directly from cook books offered on the Lexusventas  website and she will put her own twist and expert commentaries on the preparation of the  dishes.

Chef Tania commented,  “Families having busy lives would enjoy the quick prep nutritious dishes with resturant quality layout".  We have to create an experience that compels our audience to experiment and create restaurant grade food in the privacy of their own home.  This strategy allows us to also introduce recipe books from around South & Central America to Panama.  The show can be read and viewed at     our blog “.

Panama city Panama  August  20, 2011-  Cooking in 30 minutes is not a new concept.  There are several TV shows dedicated to this concept.  What make recipe of the week special at our blog, is that we have the cookbooks from around the world and the chef has choices in what she wants to create with Panamanian and other fusion.   This strategy is very interesting for two reasons.    Potential of the web,  Global Clic Marketing in partnership with Lexus Editorial has gone full force in creating the first online bookstore in Panama with a number two, bold attempt to get the community involved in the children’s education.

As Katemi Shared,   “The kitchen is the central fueling station for the body and brain.   We know with the busy life we live, nutritious and inviting food will be a great way to motivate children to stick to the basic food that develops the brain, tastes good and also looks appealing.  We will look at options beyond “the easy”. Children need protein for brain growth and I always wonder if there is enough protein in a child’s daily diet.  We will try to focus on balanced meals with taste to motivate the  appetite .

Katemi  is again very clear in his message that the key to success of the entire program is the community involvement  as a whole.   The recipe books will be there for learning, trying and then for purchase. Every purchase will count and as a we build sales, it only help put more books in the schools that needs them and for children to enjoy them.     The size of the donation will depend solely on our efforts to inform the public and also market this concept to business owners who care and want to be involved in this great effort without spending real dollars.

Katemi encourages everyone to get involved and spread the news and information about the free books for children program and let this program succeed in the grass route community level.     Lexusventas is open to public in a   “Grand Opening”    August 24, 2011 at the Expo Libros in Atlapa Convention Center, Panama City Panama booth 145.   Please visit them and be part of the experience.


Antonio Katemi internet marketing specialist and part of a multi-national Internet Marketing company focused on truism and hospitality, government an small, medium size businesses.  This small Panamanian technology company has up to date and modern traffic generating strategies to help, small, medium and large companies realize their online marketing goals. 

His company website is  at


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