Panama’s New Advertising Campaign To Place Panama As The Primer Destination Of Choice


Panama's new advertising campaign is one of the most aggressive approaches in the history of ATP.  The new media strategy is designed to attract more visitors to the country.
With this plan ATP has begin a serious attempt to make Panama as one of the better destination choices for those looking for adventure, beach, surfing and more.
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Panama will be advertised worldwide

Panama will be advertised worldwide

ShareThe Authority of Tourism in Panama (ATP) launched the advertisement campaign that will promote the Isthmus as a first class touristic destination, in a public event that took place before the authorities of several touristic guilds, the media and special guests. The campaign seeks to emphasize the main touristic wonders of our country, for which five (5) exciting commercials that present the beauty of our beaches, the cosmopolitan Panama City, the exuberant nature, the different ethnic groups that are still living throughout the whole country and of course, the main worldwide touristic attraction that is: The Panama Canal.

The campaign emphasizes the connectivity and ease of access to Panama, which makes us the eighth most important air hub in the world and one of the main crossing points of America, which is evident in the commercial closings: “with more than 80 destinations, Panama is always close to you”.
The advertisement strategy has five different commercial versions for TV in English and Spanish, which will be advertised in the United States, Latin America and Europe in global media networks like Discovery Channel, British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Eurosport, ESPN and CNN. The graphic campaign will be broadcasted in the following media: Diario Reforma in Mexico, El Universal in Argentina, Travel & Leisure and National Geographic among them, as well as in several social network sites that are currently the ones with the highest amount of users and visits like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
 Salomon Shamah, General Administrator of Tourism in Panama, feels satisfied by the quality that this project shows and expressed that he felt proud by how exciting were these productions. “When this administration started two (2) years ago, we dedicated our efforts to the promotion of Panama in the exterior with various strategies which have obtained excellent results, while the analysis on the travelers’ interests was performed. We wanted to be sure that our campaign was well focused.
We are satisfied with the final outcome and I have no doubts about the impact it will have. It will place Panama in the mind of those travelers that are looking for an exotic and different destination” indicated Shamah.
The private sector, represented by the Panamanian touristic guilds, showed satisfaction with the new campaign and the positive impact that will bring for the tourism in the country, thanking the ATP for the effort performed in the creation of a worldwide advertisement campaign in order to promote effectively our country. 
The production of the campaign was in charge of the also Panamanian, Voltage Productions, who achieved to caught the essence of Panama in their shots and post-editing work, capturing in each of the different versions of what Panama sells, with an extraordinary movie-like quality.
The commercials can be seen in the social network sites of the ATP:


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