Certified Tourism service providers will help support a much better experience for tourists visiting Panama

A missing element in tourism sector in Panama has been supporting tourism with exceptional service until now.  ATP and  University of Panama have teamed up to help enhance tourist experience with trained and certified work force graduating from University Of Panama.    Autoridad Turismo Panama has succeeded in providing scholarships to students interested to study in tourism industry.  Panama now has certified tourism graduates.   Successful graduates will provide a fantastic experience to tourists visiting the country so to help bring those tourists back  again and again. 

“Tourism Service Certification” Starts in Panama

The “Tourism Service Certification” focuses in training, the awareness, and coaching in order to improve the capacity, service and quality of the tourism service in general, started a few of days ago. This certification is part of the program “Sabor Nacional” (National Flavor), sponsored by “Cerveceria Nacional” and the National Government.
The program, which is designed to boost the objectives of the Sustainable Touristic Development Master Plan 2007-2010, of the “ATP” (Tourism Authority of Panama), grants one thousand scholarships that cover 100% of the educational costs. The University of Panama will be in charge of the selection process, and is the institution that will also be in charge that requirements for this Certification are fulfilled.
The participants of this project must be at least 18 years old, must have completed their high school education and have available time to attend 160 hours of in-classroom education and training.
A delegation of the Tourism Authority was present in this new session of the program that the students of Cocle started. Yinela Yero, Ambassador of Tourism and Queen of the Metropolitan Carnival, pronounced a few words and highlighted the initiative of Cerveceria Nacional and the ATP for believing in the tourism sector and making this type of certification an aid in the creation of new jobs, besides the fact that it strengthens the tourism businesses. These types of actions constitute a tool for economic and environmental developments, from which Panama has been able to take advantage of over the countries of the region. This initiative seeks to provide the tourists with a good quality service in accordance with our current growth.

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