Panama – Panama City Celebrates Holy Week, The Eucharista On Thursday, The Crucifixion On Friday And The Resurrection And Easter Vigil On Saturday

Triumphant Resurrected Christ Triumphant Resurrected Christ
Panama, Panama City The Holy Week is the annual Christian celebration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, or which is the same to celebrating His final days; therefore, it is a period of intense liturgical activity within the diverse Christian religions. It starts with Palm Sunday and ends up with Easter Sunday.
During Holy Week, the Eucharist is celebrated on Holy Thursday, the Crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday and the Resurrection and Easter Vigil during the night of Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. There are plenty of popular religious exhibitions throughout the country; with processions and performances of the Passion of Christ being the highlights. In the provinces of the interior, where the Spanish traditions and the Catholicism is stronger, the theatrical plays around biblical material are very common, although processions are a characteristic of this season, which constitutes a picturesque opportunity to discover the most rooted traditions, besides the fact that it is associated with a series of myths and legends, many of them appearing during the colonization period as a method to convince the population to develop their spiritual life instead of giving themselves away to the worldly pleasures. It was said that, those who tried to perform ordinary tasks will be punished by the divine powers. From there, the old saying from the locals, “don’t climb that tree cause you will turn into a monkey”; “stay out of the river/sea or you will turn into a fish or siren”, among others.

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