New Highway Connects Panama City To Colon In Less Than 40 Minutes


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Construction of Panama-Colon highway is 30 percent complete

The construction of the PanamaColón highway is progressing with 30 percent completion, reported Public Works Minister, Federico Suárez, during a tour of the area.

The so-called "dry canal" will complement the Panama Canal and the Panama Canal Railway, according to plans. It will also allow users to move between Panama and Colon in approximately 40 minutes.

Suárez made a site visit yesterday, April 13, in order to inspect the progress of these public works, which will extend the current highway from Alberto Motta Cardoze to the sector of Cuatro Altos.

Meawhile, the second phase of the highway, beginning at Quebrada López, will complement the construction of this expressway, which begins in Madden.

According to reports from the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), the project includes the recovery of 5.2 kilometers of Boyd Roosevelt Avenue (Vía Transístmica) and the widening of this road by 1.2 kilometers.


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