April 13-17th Come And Enjoy 100th Year of Festival Of Orchids In Boquete

It is time again for one of the most anticipated festivals in Boquete.

Panama, Boquete – Festival of orchids is one of the more popular festivals in Boquete. This year is no exception.  A very big turnout
is expected so come early and enjoy the beauty of nature in flowers.

Date: April 13th – 17th
Place: Boquete
Event:  XXV Festival of Orchids


From the 13th to the 17th of April of this year 2011, the “XXV Feria De Las Orquideas”.  The 100th Festival of Orchids  is taking place in the mountain region of Boquete, Panama.

This is a great opportunity to  travel outside Panama City and see  this beautiful part of Country Side of Panama. Boquete will be enhanced with the best natural fragrances of orchids. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a historical event that is now 100 years old. Come join  your family, friends, and admire the beautiful gifts that nature has to offer.  Orchids are exotic and beautiful and festival of Orchids is here now.


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