10 Little Know Facts To Unlimited Website Traffic For Any New Business

There are three most important consideration  to a successful website,  Traffic,  Conversion,  and finally Closing. You must build a website that can
bring traffic, keep the visitor excited about the content so they may take action (give you their name or download a free e-book or coupon) and get them to
buy your goods and services. Most websites suffer from sufficient traffic.  Traffic is measure of a successful website's structure and content.
Build a website on sound and proven processes and your business will prosper from the traffic your website attracts.
Most every site that is being build for traffic must take into consideration the below. 
A website is another door to your business so treat it the same way.  A website must be able to bring it's own traffic and be a virtual marketing
arm to the business.  Here are 10 most important elements that you must consider in building a successful website.

gcm Research businesses like yours. Know what keywords visitors are using to find similar businesses.  Who are the top 10 in search returns.
gcm Find six to ten high traffic keywords that match your business service or traffic. Write content and create categories for your website based on these valuable keywords.
gcm Choose business and website names that are search engine-friendly, that take advantage of high traffic, less-used keywords.
gcm Choose a domain name that easily explains your business.
gcm Create content and topics that are rich in keywords, describe your business well and gain search engine results both independently and together.
gcm Set up a blog site rather than a standard site. It is easier to manage the contents and add new content. Regular occurrences of fresh content always look good to search engines.
gcm Place your business in the Google Locals as soon as possible. This is a great source of local free targeted traffic for your business.
gcm Focus on great, unique content. Don’t rely on the visuals and graphics of your site for getting traffic. Content is KING.
gcm Make an XML sitemap so that search engines will be able to find your pages quickly.
gcm Make sure each page has a call to action. Engage and stimulate your audience.

There are two other tools that you must add to your site,  Google Analtytics and Google Webmaster tools.  Both of these will help you make your site must better search engines. Also you will discover who is looking for you what keywords they are using and which pages are most popular with search engines.

Please visit my blog and I will continue to add more helpful, useful website factual for traffic, conversion and closing.  My name is Antonio Khatemi and let me know please if you have suggestions or questions about this post.  tony@globalclicmarketing.com.  I have been in technology and marketing for nearly 20 years.


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