Is Bocas Del Toro, Favorite Destination For Tourists?

We at clicpanama are visiting Bocas del Toro this week to document, film, photographic one of the  most pristine destinations in Panama.  We will give you a full report in a serious of videos in the next few weeks.  Bocas Del Toro is one of the most popular destinies of the country, with its typical afroantillano atmosphere of the Caribbean. In the entertained atmosphere of Bocas, the day is for enjoying the marine activities and the night is for music and entertainment. Although most of the activity is concentrated in the islands that conform the archipelago, you can also find wonderful beaches throughout the mainland coast.
In crystalline waters of the Caribbean, the abundant coralline formations invite you to enjoy activities like diving and snorkeling, as well as of the sighting of marine life. You may also enjoy fishing activities and aquatic strolls in the mangrove swamps. There is also great action for surfers, who will find huge waves in the coastal waters of Bocas del Toro.  We think Bocas Del Toro is and will continue to the most sought after vacation destination for tourists.


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