Cienaga de Las Macanas A Multipurpose Use Area – Here Is Why

Cienaga de las Macanas is a fascinating marsh located in the town of El Rincon, in the district of Santa Maria, found in the colorful province of Herrera. This place covers 2,000 hectares of which 1,200 are water and 900 of them are navigable. It is also the largest swamp area in the Azuero Peninsula.

This swamp is renown worldwide by the International Water-flow and Wetlands Research Bureau, but it is most important due to this location’s great diversity of local and migratory birds. Because of  this, the place is visited by scientists, ornithologists and hundreds of tourists annually.

This marsh is known as Macana because of the fish that inhabits it. It’s categorized as a multiple use area, which means that people from nearby communities can benefit from its resources like water and its marine life by craftsman fishing and ecotourism development, because of its many facilities like an observation tower, docks, kiosks, public restrooms and a small path to the dry forest of the Sarigua desert.

While visiting this destination, remember to carry your camera and a good pair of binoculars, because you’ll be surrounded by wild-life company during your way there, while the trees and the water seem to rumble with all the movement going on in them. The National Environment

Association (ANAM)  has offices there, if you call them, they can help you with visiting this marsh.

Location Cienaga de Las Macanas


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