Comarca Ngöbe-Bugle Indigenous Reserve) Panama

Extending over three of the most beautiful provinces in the country, Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro and Veraguas, this indigenous community is blessed with an extended territory and untouched jungles.

Activities offered include horseback riding, hiking on the hills or trekking through the jungles, accompanied by native guides. Created in 1997, this Comarca is inhabited by the most numerous indigenous group in the country, previously known as the “Guaymíes”, and subdivided today into two groups, the Ngöbe and the Bugle.
The vast foliage separating the Ngöbe-Bugle dwellings make the latter particularly interesting. The huts in Chiriqui and Veraguas are smaller than those in Bocas del Toro. The surrounding vegetation is a subject of great importance in this area because the indigenous people have struggled to preserve these lands as wild as possible so that their descendants can continue to live as they do and all visitors can share their experience when traveling towards the Ngöbe Bugle hamlets. Certainly, the colorful jungles loaded with flora and fauna, will transport you to another world.
With the purpose of creating relations in the community and defining leadership, the Ngôbe-Bugle practice the “Balsería” or “Krungkita”, a social or sport activity. Many factors are taken into account in this activity, such as food, drink, tools and regulations of the game.

One of the sources of income is the handcraft of “chácaras”, very popular tote bags made with natural fibers and colorants. Other handcrafts include multicolored “chaquiras” (small beaded necklaces) and “naguas” (exotic wide kaftans dresses) in different sizes. Visitors find these handcrafts, which are internationally well-known for their artistic value, fantastic to take back as gifts or souvenirs.

Location Comarca Ngöbe-Bugle


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