Comarca Kuna Yala, Panama

Comarca Kuna Yala is synonymous with relaxation and a sense of freedom, of being carefree, secure and blessed with the opportunity to admire magnificent handcraft, unforgettable beaches and a culture that is unique in the world.

The Kunas are a very respected and proud people, and at the same time hospitable and good-natured. Underlying this indigenous reservation is a historical background with a unique political structure and an admirable struggle to protect their rights and traditions. However, besides fighters, many have been prominent poets, painters, artists and graduates from international universities
With so much to offer, the Comarca Kuna Yala is one of the preferred destinations both for adventurers and tourists, for culture and history lovers and for those seeking adventure. When approaching the Kuna coasts, there is an almost indescribable feeling of serenity, probably emanating from the green and blue of nearby reefs, from the coralline white sanded beaches, the bamboo and straw huts, all merging harmoniously in this wonderful and mysterious destination.

Strolling on the beaches of one of the 365 islands – of which by law only a small portion can be settled – the astounding blue waters are so calm that they seem to be painted.

The famous “molas” handcrafted by the Kuna women have received international recognition for their beauty and intricate creation, and are part of their daily dress together with colorful skirts, beat anklets and hand bracelets. When reaching puberty, Kuna women receive a ring for their nose.

Location Comarca Kuna Yala


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