Panama City, Panama Cinta Costera Just a few night ago

Just over a week ago, I was walking along the Panama City’s Balboa Avenue were Cinta Costera project. is located. This   was a successful massive project where they overhauled Panama’s waterfront from a drab and chaotic two-way street, and a rather run-down marina/yacht club and converted it into a pretty impressive open space and traffic thoroughfare.  I took many photos in a clear normal night  and here is one photo  I am sharing with you.

What’s most interesting about  Panama City's Cinta Costera is the fact that it was  finished it in less than 18 months! Amazing when you consider that the project includes several bridges and overpasses as well as an extension of several thousand cubic feet of earth to create more shoreline. The fact that something like this can be completed in record time in a place like Panama makes it all the more impressive. And more impressive is the mass of people walking and enjoying the route.


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