Isla Grande, Colon Panama

Despite its name, Isla Grande is a small island off the Caribbean coast of Panama, about a half hour drive (depending on road conditions). During the right times of year, the water between the island and the mainland provides an excellent surfing environment. 

Most of the people found in the town are of African descent and trace it back to black African slaves and those known as Cimarrones. Isla Grande is a beautiful place full of beautiful beaches and nice people, It is a great place for surfing.

Isla Grande, in Colón, is a very popular tourist destination in our country, since it is relatively near Panama City and it is easy to get there. There is a lot of activity on the island, good hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, rental of marine equipment for fun activities and else. The local restaurants are famous for providing excellent shellfish dishes, Caribbean style. Surf is great because f the superb waves and diving and snorkeling are fabulous du to the broad array of coral reefs of the area. Isla Grande is a great place to enjoy the sea, sun and beaches.

Location Isla  Grande, Colon Panama


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