La Angostura Canyon Panama


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La Angostura Canyon  

A bit after Penonome, in the Cocle province is La Angostura. Considered one of the most beautiful natural sites in the province, so beautiful that even famous composers have written about it, for example Gladys De La Lastra referred to it as “the throat of the Zarati river”. The “silver snake” is known as an attractive and fun hot-spot for locals and foreigners alike, that know that there is much to enjoy from this place.

Nature shrinks the river at this spot and even turns it into cascades, which passes vigorously through the middle of a pair of mountains that create a canyon.

Because of this special geological feature, this place has been compared to Colorado’s Grand Canyon, with reserved proportions. The rocks’ shapes and colors attract your attention, as well as the way the rocks are placed one on top of the other, just off the sides of the river and they reach over 100 meters in altitude. Almost perfectly distributed on the sides of the channel, and at the same time seducing you to relax.

Close by this area. but enough to not hear the current’s noise and strength, there are calm natural pools to bathe in.

According to geologists this site was formed from volcanic eruptions in mount Guacamaya nearby, approximately 4,000 or 5,000 years ago.

Location of  La Angostura Canyon Panama


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