Festivities of the Black Christ of Portobelo Panama

One of the most venerated representations of Christ in Panama, the Black Christ is celebrated in the historical coastal town of Portobelo, in the province of Colón. The origin of this image is surrounded by legends. According to some versions, this image came floating to the shores of this town, while others tell that this is one of two images of Christ, a white one and a dark one, that were supposed to be shipped to South America, but every time the dark one was about to be set in the ship, a storm would unleash, keeping it in Portobelo. One thing is certain about the Black Christ: prior to October 21, thousands of devout to the Nazarene set on a pilgrimage to thank or ask for favors, making of this date a mandatory appointment to those who attribute miracles to him.


Location of Festivities of the Black Christ of Portobelo Panama

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