Great News for Panama City’s Traffic & Tourism – Metro-Line Is Coming

October 28, 2010

By in.di. –

Finally the news is out that Panama City Panama will have its first metro-line.  This is great news for Tourism in Panama and gives us great hopes
of attracting more and more tourists to Panama City Panama as well as the interior of the country.  With many new hotels and other amenities floading
the country, the metro is absolutely the next best thing that can happen to Panama to excel us to the next level.  Congratulations Panama.

Here is the detail  report from The Panama Digest:

The Linea Uno consortium, formed by Brazilian construction company Odebrecht and the Spanish Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, will develop Panama’s Metro system.

Although its nearly $1.447 million bid surpassed the $ 1.401 million offered by its competitor, Grupo Italiano Metro de Panama, the evaluation commission gave the Brazilian-Spanish consortium a better technical score.  Both proposals were below the Secretariat of the Metro’s $1.589 reference price.

The project is scheduled to start in January 2011 and end in December 2013.

Panama’s first metro line will be approximately nine miles long and  allow passengers to travel from Los Andes to San Miguelito to Albrook in about 23 minutes.  There are also plans for two more lines.


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