Natural Recreation Site “Salto de las Palmas” Panama

Salto de las Palmas is surrounded by a variety of wildlife and flora. Salto de las Palmas is one of the best destinations in the country for nature and adventure lovers. Panama is rich in rivers and mountains has the perfect ingredients for the formation of waterfalls. El Salto de Las Palmas, which has a free fall stream about 45 feet and empties into a deep of about 10 meters wide, is ideal for rappelling.

The rappel walk into the current and coming to a head, is suspended in the air to the ground. This is done only in the company of professional sports.
But for those who just want to take a dip, the sling is ideal for bathing, as it has little current. The jet falls hard as a space between the falling water and the wall of the hill. — just for postcard-worthy photos.

Location of Salto de las Palmas


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