Corpus Christi’s Festivities Panama

La Villa, in the province of Los Santos, is known as a city tightly linked to the cultural expressions of the Panamanian people and as the stage of heroic deeds throughout the history of this nation. This city is also the center of a very ancient celebration that intertwines the sacred and pagan in what is known as the commemoration of the Corpus Christi, the flesh and blood of Christ, celebrated 60 days after Easter. This date destined to celebrate the Eucharist is a product of the Catholic traditions brought by the Spanish people during colonial times and its interaction with the mysticism of the locals. A few of the highlights of this celebration are the representation of the triumph of Saint Michael over Satan, and dances of the diablos sucios (dirty devils), the cumbembé, and the torito guapo, which with their contrast of rhythm, color and solemnity, pay respect to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Location of Corpus Christi's Festivities


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