Pipeline Road Is Panama’s Premier And Most Famous BirdWatching Destination

Pipeline Road Summit Botanical

Pipeline Road, perhaps Panama’s most famous birding destination, is situated inside Soberania National Park, which itself is located within the Panama and Colon provinces. The Pipeline road park, measuring 48,287 acres (19,541 hectares) in size, was established in 1980 and contains numerous trails, one of which is Pipeline Road; there are several others nearby.

The first 5 miles (8 km) of Pipeline Road are relatively flat and provide for easy walking. There are numerous wooden bridges along the way, all very safe and easy to cross. The second half of the trail has more hills, some of them fairly steep, but the road itself is in good condition. (if you plan to drive on the road to the park’s interior section it is recommend that you do so in a 4×4, rather than a passenger vehicle.)


pipeline roadpipeline road

How to get there?

You may reach the Metropolitan Natural Park Visitor’s Center in just 10 minutes from downtown Panama City taking Vía Ricardo J. Alfaro and further via the Juan Pablo II road or Camino de la Amistad. The distance up to the Visitor’s Center is approximately 1 km., the city-to-forest transition is noticeable along the road.

Weather and Climate at Pipeline Road

Tropical Climate and average temperature is 75ºF.

Suggestions For Pipeline Road

You need to take light clothing and hat.

Activities At Pipeline Road

  • Birdwatching
  • Botanical & Wild Life Observation
  • Camping
  • Eco-tourism
  • Expeditions
  • Nature Walks

Come come experience Pipeline Road in Panama


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