Afroantilean Museum A Contribution For Sacrifices Made By Afroantilean Community

The idea behind this Afroantilean  Museum was to honor the achievement and sacrifices that the AfroAntillean community provided throughout Panama’s history. With their muscles, boldness, temperament, and even sometimes their lives, the Afro-Antillean people were a fundamental part of Panama’s past.   Many Panamanians today of Afro-Antillean heritage can trace their roots back to ancestors that arrived from the West Indies to help build the Panama Railroad, and assist both the French and The United States construct the Panama Canal.

Since 1980, The Afroantillean Museum offered the possibility of learning about one of the most important facets of the construction of the Canal.  Afroantillean Museum has an exhibition hall that shows photographs of the arrival of the West Indian immigrants to Panama and their participation in the construction of the Transisthmian Railway and the Interoceanic Canal. Guided tours are offered in this hall and during the month of August, the museum organizes conferences and exhibitions allusive to the construction of the Canal.

Location Of Afroantillean Museum

Afroantillian Museum is visible on the map however to get additional information you may view Google Map and receive step by step directions.


How to get to Afroantillean Museum?

The Museum of Afroantillean is located between 24th Street and Justo Arosemena Avenue in the community of Calidonia. From Panama City You may take a cab that will take you directly to the museum. You may also take a bus of the Plaza 5 de Mayo route and walk to the Justo Arosemena Avenue or to Peru Avenue.


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