El Valle de Anton A Refuge From The City For A Long Time And Now Is Your Turn – Learn Why

El Valle de Anton Panama itself has been a refuge from the city for a long time.  It has cooler weather, good food, botanical gardens and zoo, hot springs and spa, a public handicrafts market on Sunday. 

Only a two hour trip separates Panama City from Anton Valley. It is located inside an inactive volcano crater where you can enjoy a cool weather and light rain all year round.
A lot of trekking is done in this beautiful green-colored destination. Trekking consists on covering long distances by foot to connect with nature in all of its forms. Besides trekking there are many other activities and attractions you can enjoy while you visit The Valley, of which, we include: El Nispero zoo, hot springs, Crafts and Souvenirs Market, The Valley Museum, La Pintada Petroglyphs, Las Mozas and El Macho trickles, archeology sites, and amongst its festivals or cultural celebrations we can enjoy the Cristo de Esquipulas celebration, the Corpus Christi, national parties and the Torito Guapo Festival.
There is also El Gaital Peak, which hosts a wide range of animals and plants in its 335 hectares of protected land, 3,000 meters over sea level. Also, the National Wild-Life Authority (ANAM) facilities are located here.

One of the most mysterious places this destination has is La India Dormida, where the hills of The Anton Valley form the silhouette of a young indian woman that, according to local legend, fell madly in love with a Spaniard and cried her misfortune until nature took her as its own, while other legends say that the sun turned her into part of the hill to save her from a love that was not returned to her from an arrogant indian warrior of her tribe.



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