Iguana Island National Park


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Iguana Island National Park  

About 200 nautical miles east off the coasts of the Azuero Peninsula, we find Iguana Island. Panama Historically passing from being a fishers refuge to today’s natural reserve, this inhabited island is truly something special. The Iguana Island’s natural reserve that we know today includes amongst its natural beauties the largest coral reef in the gulf of Panama,which is immensely important to this zone’s ecology; it’s also the home of countless turtles, iguanas specifically the black iguana (Ctenosaura similis) and about 5000 frigate birds you can find flying over the island. Many of these migratory birds rest and have their meals in these dry woods, a very scarce type of ecosystem in the country.

Because of this island’s status of natural reserve, the island has certain restrictions. The amount of visitors on the island is limited and there is a fee to enter. All local visitors must pay $1.50 per visit, all children and elder adults (retired and pensioned) enter free and foreigners must fee is $3.50.

Since it’s a protected area, rules are very strict about killing or feeding animals and not littering at all. When you approach this island, you’ll probably enjoy watching the hump-back whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) and even orcas (Orcinus orca)in its waters near its beaches. Like you may have noticed, the natural qualities of this island are perfect for different activities like bird-watching, or practicing diving, scuba diving and snorkeling in its beautiful blue waters that are filled with wild-life.



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