The secret of Panama

The secret of Panama

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Panama City .- There is not a profile which Irle. So beautiful is the one with the wrinkled skin, such as that recently has undergone a facelift.

Those who like to look in one shot before and after the style "extreme makeover", they should go forthwith to the district of San Felipe, Panama, better known as Casco Antiguo, is being renovated as a discrete but rapidly.

"Intimidating?, Yes it is. For years he has fought against neglect and crime. Even many who go there get satisfied with a couple of pictures when they go on city tour. And is that later they were made to go to waste their time and money shopping centers and casinos in Panama.

Although he never lost are those who prefer their cobblestone streets. Duty is to say, the helmet "makes it fuchi" to tourists, but travelers love.

Monumental Historic Complex of Panama since 1976 and a UNESCO World Heritage area in 1997 is French colonial houses. For squares and sidewalks as well hear the echo of some reggaeton that the whisper of the Kuna Indians selling their famous textiles.

Darling of bohemians and artists as Ruben Blades, Bleids, as they say the Panamanians, who as Minister of Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) until mid-2009 he gave a new breath to the area by creating programs like the so-called "A Hope, young gang members to turn tourist guides. And what "Life gives you surprises …".

Although the project ended, you can still run into some former Pedro blade knife that changed the English classes, tourism and history.

Today, the area is very safe as there is a constant presence of the Institutional Protection Service (SPI) and the Tourism Police. In addition, the Office of the Historic promotes programs such as "Revive the Town": nothing like knowing the history of the hand of those who have lived more than half a century in San Felipe or students participating in the rehabilitation of their buildings.

The simple life frames the town, who knows how it became so cool. For the best prospect they get on the roof of this boutique hotel located in the Art Deco building and from there, hearing the noise of children, the mewing of cats, and counterpoint given by equipment manufacturers. Also have to look, first, the boats lining up to cross the channel and, on the other, the roofs are falling chunks, the old church and evoke a Dubai skyscraper in Latin America. Although the temptation to go to that "Wall Street" is as big as Donald Trump's investments, one must first examine the most genuinely face Panama in Panama.


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