Diving Tours

Diving Tours

Panama is widely known to have some of the best diving waters in the world. Near the bay of Portobelo, a very historic city, is where you will go diving. You can see lots of interesting things on these dives. Did you know that Sir Francis Drake, the great explorer lies in these waters? You can dive at the wreck of a B-45 airplane in only 70' of water.

Dive in Two Oceans In The Same Day

After we dive on the Atlantic side of Panama and check out the B-45 we will then go back to the Pacific side and take a boat to another diving area. Imagine diving in two oceans in the same day! Now that's not something that everyone has done.

The Diving Tour includes transportation from your hotel to the dive locations. It also includes two dives, weights and Dive Master, lunch and drinks.

What You Should Bring

Dress in beachwear or light sportswear and sandals. Bring a small backpack and a change of clothes as well as sun block.

Included With This Tour

Ground and Boat transportation, Diving Instructor (bilingual), snorkel, fins and weight belt, lunch and bottled water.

For more information call:
From Panama: 209-5657
Toll Free from USA: (1-866)390-3451 or (954)282-8214 or
Email us at:  help@panamatours.com.pa


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