Canopy Tours

Canopy Tours

Canopy Gliding

This technology was first used by the indigenous people of Panama many years ago. Then scientists began using the gliding technology in a more sophisticated way. They attached cables to the trees and rigged the trees with climbing gear. They then could swing from tree to tree and study the vast biodiversity among the canopy of trees. Of course, the scientists had a ball swinging from tree to tree and it has since become an extreme sport.

Canopy Rio Piedras is only 80 minutes from Panama City, which is a popular tourist destination in itself. Canopy Rio is the only canopy tour on the Panamanian Atlantic coast. Enjoy a thrilling rush as you swing from tree to tree!

An expert guide will be there to make sure you have the harness and other safety equipment on correctly. The guide will go over what to do and what to expect so you can enjoy your gliding adventure to its full potential.

Once you jump you're gone! You are swinging sometimes 450 feet to the next platform, which is about 100 feet high. This ought to get your blood pumping!

What You Should Bring With You

Dress in light sportswear and wear sports shoes.  Expect to get wet in the green season (from may through december) and bring a change of clothes.  Sun block and sun glasses are recommended.

Included With This Tour

Transportation, Bilingual Guide, lunch, bottled water, entrance fees and the equipment needed for the gliding adventure.

For more information call:
From Panama: 209-5657
Toll Free from USA: (1-866)390-3451 or (954)282-8214 or
Email us at:


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