Top 10 Tips for Having a Good Flight

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The days of flying the glamorous skies seem to be gone forever. The seats are smaller, the leg room is more cramped and the airlines are charging extra for everything from luggage to snacks. But that doesn't necessarily mean we have to resign ourselves to merely enduring air trave

l. In fact, there are plenty of ways to improve the experience of travel, despite federal safety regulations and snoring seatmates.

10: Bring a Sleep Kit

9: Keep Your Carry-on Small and Light

8: Check Your Carry-on at the Gate

7: Check Recent Regulations Before you Leave

6: Pay for In-flight WiFi

5: Drink Water

4: Bring Hand Sanitizer

3: Bring Healthy Snacks


2: Bring a Portable DVD Player

1: Get in Your Seat and Power Down


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